Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

moana partners inc. observes the legal duties and obligations stated in the statutes governing private information protection set forth by the Personal Information Protection Law, the Ministry guidelines on the use of personal information, and the policies of this agency in dealing with personal information.

Usage within the range specified

moana partners inc. deals with personal information only within limits required for achievement for the purpose of our specified business use, and only with the express prior consent of the person himself/herself.

Acquisition of personal information

When moana partners inc. acquires personal information, we will specify beforehand the range of the use, the purpose of use, and the users of such information, as well as the contact point for inquiries, based on the consent of the person himself/herself.
In addition, there are cases where moana partners is permitted to create written and sound records of the contents of a business inquiry or transaction.

Safety control measures

moana partners inc. will institute and maintain required safety control measures at suitable technical levels, and will correct them as necessary, to keep personal information within the limits of our stated purpose of use, and to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, destruction, defamation, etc.

Supervision and control of third party usage

moana partners inc. may entrust the handling of personal information, within specific limitations, for the purposes outlined, to a third party.
Those trusted third parties will be selected after confirmation that they also maintain sufficient security levels for the handling of personal information, and maintain necessary and appropriate levels of supervision, by contract.

Offerings to third parties

moana partners, inc. does not provide third parties with personal information without obtaining the consent of the person himself/herself except in cases where this sharing is permitted by statute.
In addition, moana partners inc. does not provide third parties with personal information using an opt-out system (the 2nd clause of the 23rd article of the Personal Information Protection Law).

Opinions and inquiries

moana partners inc. will take appropriate measures with regards to the disclosure, correction, stoppage of use (for the marketing of goods or services), or removal of personal information in our files in response to individual requests based on the relevant legal statutes.
Please use the inquiry window where site visitors provide their personal information to contact us with your opinions, questions, and requests.

Continuous systems improvement

moana partners inc. strives for the continuous improvement and strengthening of our privacy policies and management systems, including the reexamination of personal information, in order to manage personal information safely and appropriately.